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Ethics and practice of architecture

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Ethics and practice of architecture

Ethics plays an important role in day to day life in the long run. Though it may seem blurry in the beginning, it displays its colours in the after a period of time. In modern times with westernization and fashion affecting almost every work, the idea of work has been misinterpreted and treated in wrong way. In almost every work there is a risk of losing the rat race. Though there is a race it is important to look at it with optimism. There is no doubt that we have left the stone age behind, then why are we still holding on it!!!! In a rat if you win or lose, you end up being a rat nonetheless.

Breaking a goal into short term goals makes it easy to achieve. It develops a sense of clarity in us. Hence the practice of Architecture plays a crucial role. Architecture is similar to the anatomy of human body. It is the skeletal view of the goal making us easier to work on it. Working on the individual parts of the goal is more sensible. In this time of modernization everybody expects results in an instant. Delivering results is easier delegating the work to the experts in their field. In this way we can also expect the best outcome rather that working on it as a whole.

More organised the work is, it is easier to practice ethics and develop a work culture accordingly. Delegating complex work into parts is not an alien subject, it used to be done before. These days Architecture is a common parlance in office world.  For breaking the work into its skeletal parts it is necessary to know the work in detail. This format of working develops a sense of ethics. Delegating the “work” can be done at every level of “work”. The practice of Architecture is very useful one. It is necessary to incorporate it in each kind of work rather than just technical or software projects. The “term” is not limited to technical projects. Education is not amount of information undigested in our brain. It is important to assimilate the information and process it correctly improving our efficiency.

Proficiency should be converted to efficiency. Almost everything in the world is measured in delivering results and delivering results on time. The practice of “breaking up” or the skeletal structure has to be viewed in the administration and taken seriously. A work culture can be weaved around it. In creating a work culture the most important aspect is delegating the work into its necessary domains. The aspect of delegating work plays an important role in crafting the necessary work culture. In developing an ethical culture it is necessary to have a broad mind. Then it magnetises other employees into the net.

Though it is a difficult task once a system with such responsible employers, it improves the quality of work in an organisation and elevates the work system too. There are many harassment cases and bribery etc. in the work culture. The offices in India with administration have practically no work culture. It is basically due to this problem. It is important for people especially employers to have an optimistic outlook and placing the organisation’s benefit on top of theirs.

Coming in the list of top companies is not a joke! It is not possible without a system or productive ethical work force. Initially developing a sense of responsibility and accountability may be a difficult task. But it can be achieved with practice. Practice makes a man perfect! This practice raises

the bar of productivity of employers, together they make a difference in the organisation. Once this seed is cultivated the job of processing the harvest is much easier.

A lone star shining in the dark sky does not make much of a difference but a constellation of stars shining creates an impact. The influence they have on the observer is of resounding brilliance. Similarly the productivity of the work cannot be reflected by one ethical person in the work force, the team stands out by everybody following an ethical work culture. For the practice of Architecture to be harvested the seed of digitizing the work force and place of work might be an idea to be considered.

Arun Karthik

[email protected]

Architect & Managing Director at DesignQube