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modern office interior design

modern office interior design

modern office interior design

To meet the challenges of the present day world it is necessary to mould the office into that direction bringing out the best in the employees. Westernization has taken the eastern world by a storm!! Orthodixity is uprooted in every form with the injection of the dose of modernity. Though modernity is not westernization. Westernization has influenced modernism to a large extent.  This taste of modernity cannot be venom as it improves our daily life activities.

Modern office interior designs are a step forward in the growth of the office architecture. Nothing is possible without a good environment in today’s world. To bring about a positive change the environment has a big role to play. Environment plays as a catalyst in invoking the positive emotions bringing about a change in our energy levels and mood.

Balancing home and office tension makes us more harmonious in looking at each situation with a light of optimism. People mould themselves according to the present time. Environment plays an important role in creating the mood necessary for the change. Modern office in these times should be moulded according to the fashion of this time with the necessary ergonomics at the same time.

Office is actually a home away from home. Interior design is not only limited to home but also to the office. There are certain colours that bring out the positive mood, certain environment enable people to work together. Certain environment such as flowers, colours of the walls and other factors inspires an employee to give their best! Leaps are not in fashion these days quantum leaps are in vogue these days. For these leaps to come true environment acts as a catalyst in invoking the right mood to travel the distance.

In this world competition is necessary for growth. In fact without it, survival is bleak. It is a fact that competition is there but rather than looking at it just as competition will not create a healthy environment in an office. Skill is always value based. Without values a skill will not hold the test of time. An innovative and creative office environment will tap out the dormant skills in an employer giving his/her best in every opportunity.

The best companies delivering results focus on their interior design paying special attention to it. Indian companies have to learn a cue from those companies. There are many innovative designs invoking a sense of responsibility with a love to the work.

Many companies in India are following the western type of interior design for boosting the productivity. Though the result may not come initially but it will come in due course of time. Many surveys are also conducted proving the fact that the environment of the office plays a huge role in the productivity of the organisation.

Raising the bar of productivity in an office is not only by a stringent human resources team, the environment also plays a key role in it. After an employer is roped in, he/she spends a lot of time in the company, tapping the dormant qualities in him/her. Modern office interior designs are a way to tap the corporate culture in him/her in order for the organisation to be at par with the world.

It is in news that working styles in the world have dramatically changed over the past years. To stay in the race we too should incorporate some measures in order to follow these changes. There are various ways in which the productivity of the employee can be affected.  For instance it is a natural notion that a office should loads of natural light since it can affect the perception of the employer. But in office interior design we are going a step beyond. The whole structure and layout of the office is affected in order to influence the productivity of the employee. It is a fact that many companies in the east have been smitten by the modernization bug. Several innovative designs for office interiors are available in the market. In these there are many innovative and creative designs to put the company in the fast gear and step on the gas in promoting the various aspects of efficiency.

Arun Karthik

[email protected]

Architect & Managing Director at DesignQube