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We don’t charge on a percentage basis or have markups on vendor / contractor quotes. We charge straight forward for our efforts & time which varies with project complexity, scale and scope of work involved. Plus we transfer all vendor discounts.

Our Pricing Standards

Not The Traditional Way

Not The Traditional Way

Our quantum of work is independent of whether you lay marble on the floor or leave it with ceramic tiles. Hence unlike others, we don’t charge on percentage but follow Per Sft basis and arrive at the figure right at the start of the project.


No Hidden Costs

We neither try to make some money behind your back nor would we surprise you with unannounced additional charges. We transfer all the cost benefits the contractors and vendors offer us, directly to you. This also helps get a good bargain, since we’re on your side.


Standards Set By COA

Council of Architecture is the legal body covering the practicing aspects of licensed architects like us. We charge as per standards set by COA – Nothing more and nothing less. This helps us stay ethical and deliver well without compromises.


No Charge For Revisions

Ideas evolve over time as the design takes shape. We anticipate iterations and have well integrated that into our process. We revise the design progressively for it’s betterment. We’re portfolio conscious and honestly, your space is our business-card.


Proportionate To Efforts

Design is intangible – Difficult to quantify or justify when it comes to scaling of charges. Our expenses come from the expertise we’ve in our team to deliver the best. Our charges would be proportionate to the resource expertise, time & efforts.


Maximizing Investments

A well thought product serves much better than a normal one for the same costs. Our skills and expertise help avoid costly mistakes which will in return maximize the benefits of your investment. Think us as your financial advisers for your space.

Your Options

  • Pro Consultation
  • :Zero Charges.
    • “I’m curious what can be done to my place. Need professional help in planning for budgets and timelines. Need to understand the pros & cons of all options. I’m open for new ideas.”
    • We don’t charge for our professional consultation. Give us a call, fix up a time. We’ll give our expert advice in design possibilities, estimates & timelines. 

  • Contact Us
  • Design Concept
  • :Minimal Charges.
    • “I’ve a tight budget but I never compromise on quality or design. I’m willing to participate in executing my project and planning to keep the design part quick and straight forward.”
    • We help you with the design part of the project and suggest the best contractors if needed. Usually the whole process finishes in a few weeks time.

  • Get A Quote
  • Turnkey Design
  • :Standard Charges.
    • “I believe in iterative planning. I need to visualize every nook of my project before we finalize. Let the design evolve over progressive revisions till we perfect the last screw.”
    • We help from design to delivery. We make sure the project gets 360 deg approach, contemplating all possibilities and options with 100% site support.

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  • Cheap Design
  • :Wrong Find.
    • “I’m looking for the cheapest designer. I’m okay with copy paste ideas. I’m penny wise & pound foolish. I think design should come free. I don’t want to plan my investments well.”
    • Sorry we’re not the cheapest. Meet us once and we’ll explain why cheap design is the most expensive. If you still insist, there’re many doing this out there.

  • GoodLuck

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